Ciencia Creativa

Now-a-days most of the Science Programs start with the Scientific Method, that teaches a series of steps that scientists follow in sequence, in order to reach a certain knowledge. However it usually remains a theoretical matter rather than understanding the scientific activity. In School labs there are very few opportunities to apply the scientific method creatively in order to solve problems.

With our CienciaCreativa sXXI Program we give students the opportunity to participate actively in his own learning in a creative and reflexive manner, by using digital sensors and microscopes that give real-time measurements or even out of the school lab.
Clear limits and goals are established to develop each “practice” according to the Scientific Method.

The CienciaCreativa sXX books are designed according to the standards and contents established by the Mexican Ministry of Education SEP for Middle-School.
The practices are conducted within a “prepared environment” which is taken care by the teacher; this means that the space, materials, devices and other elements should be ready for the student to develop his activities.