Mi Mundo y Mi Gente

It is the only system that really provides all the necessary resources so that the teaching-learning process within a classroom is transformed.

We line up with the Constructivist and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy based on a Competency Model. Our digital contents profit from the newest tools like multimedia and interactivity, so that students develop different skills, profit from their learning styles, use their creartivity to the most and keep a wide interest in getting to know the world that surrounds them, expanding their talents and capacities.

We cover all of the Mexican Ministry of Education required contents but work with topics of interesed opossed to the traditional subject-based teaching. We provide 28 topics per grade with the proper didactic sequences so that the student can develop the needed skills and can reach meaningfull learnings always with an “intelligent purpose”…they learn by “doing”!

We stand-out the individuality of each student focusing on their own habilities, attitudes, aptitudes and desires that make them unique and special and focus on the teachers role as a mentor who sets the basis and road to allow the kids to reach their maximum potential.

We start with the 3 “great lessons”: Cosmos, Earth and Mankind,; through them we give the students the opportunity to find themselves within a global, historic, geographic and time context so they can understand the questions that men has asked themselves throughout time.

In the didactic sequences we profit from the environment, traditions and culture, both from our country as well as the world´s, so that kids can identify and appreciate them while working to build knowledge, proper attitude and values in a ludic manner.

With topics interesting and close to them, we seek to help the students “meet” the knowledge. Topics are presented in an integrated fashion covering every subject therefore profiting from children´s natural curiosity to build their attention allowing them to “love learning”.

The licence to use our system, which is flexible in order to adapt to different plannind models, is paid yearly per student.